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Вебсайт: http://www.aceiffel.com/
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Пол: Мужской
Месторасположения: http://www.aceiffel.com/
Стиль: http://www.huanyufilter.com/
О себе: About Us
AcEiffel is launched in 2018 by AcEiffel Art Cultural (Dalian) Co.,LTD, after more than 9 years manufacturing gymnastics apparel for different brands, pro shops and clubs in over 30 countries.
Headed by a mixed team of designers, garment-makers, fabric purchasers, and pattern developers constantly on the lookout for perfect-fitting silhouettes and eye-catching designs, AcEiffel focus on providing innovative interpretations of classic gymnastics wear pieces with statement colors and prints, perfect for the confident, chic girls who wants to stand out whether in competition or training.
AcEiffel strives to bring uncompromising modernity and modification of high fashion vernacular to the realm of gymnastics wear, offering girls a uniform inspiring cognitive creativity and bold self-expression.
With love for gymnastics, we are proud to present our premium ranges of practice leotards, competitive leotards, leggings, crop top sets and accessories... Simply browse the Web site to find the design, colour and size you want. Fill in the contact form, and a AcEiffel team member will be in touch.Cute Velvet Gymnastics Leotard suppliers